Summerland Construction

Colorado’s Trusted Home Remodeling & Renovation Company
At Summerland Construction company, our philosophy is to unite beauty and performance with any home remodel or renovation service you may need. From bathroom and kitchen remodels, to general maintenance and home repair, our contractors are elevating the construction industry, bringing our customers only the highest level of experience and expertise.
As a family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on upholding a strong standard of honesty and integrity for all renovation projects, big or small, throughout Boulder, Denver and surrounding Colorado communities.

An Industry Leader in Spray Foam Insulation

Use less energy and keep your home safer with Spray Foam Insulation. Summerland Construction is proud to offer this highly efficient material that will allow you to cut energy costs. Click here to learn more and contact one of our experts today and get your questions answered.

American Forged

Not only does the company focus on larger environmental efforts, but we are proud supporters of companies who have made the decision to keep employment here in the United States. We have done our research and taken extraordinary measures to exclusively buy local and American Made building materials. You can take pride in the fact that if you support us, you will be supporting local workers.

Green Project Focus

Our two main focuses are our clients and being an environmentally focused company. We focus on utilizing the three R’s – Reducing, Reusing, Recycling – allowing us to balance our clients’ needs while making the smallest impact on the environment. We are also a Green Builder company!


Summerland Construction ensures that every client is 100% satisfied and we will do what is necessary to prove it. Our construction process is based on a foundation of bringing sincerity to every aspect of our renovations and repairs. We promise to be organized, accountable and honest with our pricing. We guarantee to be on time, professionally dressed, not under the influence of any substance, and will not use, or smell of, tobacco products in our vehicles or on the site of our customers.